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The tertiary education ERP solution that are being developed at Eruxelf have the objective of providing  an end-to-end seamless automation at the higher education institutions of Ethiopia featuring the unique needs of these universities.  This solution is an integration of several modules which are independently configurable while providing maximum flexibility, security, data sharing and open architecture.  All of the modules within the solution are provided to be run on Internet giving the much needed flexibility and future proof expandability essential in the automation needs of the universities

General Solution Profile

The tertiary education ERP solution is largely an integration project providing an end-to-end solution to the diverse requirements of the universities through independent and integrable modules.    Furthermore, the modules provide interfaces for integration among themselves as well as with other systems. 

As much as possible, our solution profile makes use of established open source systems.  This approach not only significantly reduces the initial investment cost but also gives the freedom for the users to modify or customize the systems.  It also assures continual and free updates for the systems.

If particular module requirements are not available, Eruxelf provides systems that are developed in house to provide appropriate technology solutions.  The in house developed systems are provided, like the open source systems, with their source codes and the power to modify, customize or use in much the same way as other open source systems. 

We can thus classify the different modules of the solution into two major classes

  • In house developed systems
  • Open source systems.

The key idea behind the solution profile is to create a seamless integration between several separate modules, which are independent in the sense that they can be run and used separately and interdependent in the sense that they are able to share data, synchronize user accounts and security and are configurable to work together at different levels of integration.  Irrespective of whether they are in house developed or open source systems, the different modules are integrated to provide the following common features

  • Internet Applications
    Internet applications give you the freedom to do business anytime, anywhere. With the integrated solution of Eruxelf, all work is done on web pages providing familiar interface to end users and experts alike.  There’s no client software to maintain, which lowers the deployment time and effort as well as other support issues Several security measures assure that access to information is controlled and monitored.
  • Role-Based
    Your organization serves people with different roles. They have different information needs. They do different work. What users see and are able to do depends on their role, which is configurable and controllable. You save time and enhance your service.
  • Open System
    All Eruxelf applications are built using open standards, so you have the freedom to choose the operating system, hardware, and software that best meet your requirements. The solutions do not require you to purchase expensive licenses for database, server and operating system software.  Reducing both your initial investment as well as your cost of ownership.

Configurable, Adaptable, and Scalable
With flexible, adaptable, and scalable designs you can control how, when, and what functions you deploy online. Administrators can make all changes on the servers, with no need to update business rules on the client.




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