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Eruxelf's Digital Library takes library users, researchers, and others far beyond what they would ever expect to find using a Web-based information retrieval tool. A digital content creation and management solution, our digital library solution provides access to the digital collection that you create, manage, and store using the software, hardware, and services included with this solution.
Eruxelf's E-Learning Solution harnesses web technology's to provide interactive, on demand and instructive courses with the capacity to monitor, help, tutor and manage students.As a truly successful e-learning program Eruxelfs solution consider several aspects of the process of e-learning.
Eruxelf's Tertiary Education ERP Solution have the objective of providing an end-to-end seamless automation at the higher education institutions of Ethiopia featuring the unique needs of these universities. This solution is an integration of several modules which are independently configurable while providing maximum flexibility, security, data sharing and open architecture.
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Web Applications

Eruxelf's Enterprise Resource Management System is yet another powerful web based asset and consumables management software comprehensive solution for managing fixed assets and consumables from acquisition to disposal. The system comes with different modules with a general smooth flow of relevant information between related modules.
Core Modules
Eruxelf's Library Managemnt Solution helps better organize and circulate library materials, which ultimately creates an ability in a multi-campus environment to locate library materials on other campuses and eliminating the need for duplication of source in all the university libraries.



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