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E-learning is the process of conducting courses using web technology.  It harnesses web technology's capability to provide interactive, on demand and instructive courses as well as the capacity to monitor, help, tutor and manage students through a learning management system.  A truly successful e-learning program should consider several aspects of the process.  Apart from the strategic planning process and the monitoring of e-learning targets, there are two basic components of e-learning.  These are

  • course development and
  • course management. 

Eruxelf is ready to help institutions deploy e-learning programs through the customization and development of e-learning geared courses as well as customization, deployment of the Moodle open source learning management system.

Advantages of E-Learning

  • Available 24x7, anywhere and anytime
  • Net workable
  • Web delivered
  • Provides a mix of learning methods (blended Learning)
  • Tracks and manages user and content activity
  • It is learner-centric and personalized



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