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Digital Library takes library users, researchers, and others far beyond what they would ever expect to find using a Web-based information retrieval tool. A digital content creation and management solution, our digital library solution provides access to the digital collection that you create, manage, and store using the software, hardware, and services included with this solution.

With an implementation of a digital library system in your company you can organize your information resources and make it available to a wide range of audience through the Internet. Digital libraries give you the power to leapfrog the hurdles of space, time and resource limitations to provide your employees, students or any of your stakeholders with a wide range of informational resources be it documentations, reference materials, books or other digital content. Eruxelf is prepared to help you achieve these goals through consulting, customization and deployment of digital library systems, training or helping you build your digital library through free educational and other non-copyright materials.




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