Enterprise Resource Management System

Core Modules



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Our enterprise resource management system is yet another powerful web based asset and consumables management software comprehensive solution for managing fixed assets and consumables from acquisition to disposal.

The system comes with different modules with a general smooth flow of relevant information between related modules with seamless links. The core module at the center of the overall system serves as a hub to other application-specific modules: stock, bar coding, purchasing, maintenance and depreciation modules to support every infrastructure and equipment business processes that are required to be supported.

Software Highlights

The enterprise resource management software is required to deliver a modular infrastructure and equipment management system as its core module. It further consists other application-specific program modules, which include stock, bar coding, purchasing, maintenance and depreciation modules.

Designed for large, multi-division companies with complex infrastructure and equipment (asset) situations, offers comprehensive management from acquisition to disposal, aiding in the tracking of asset movement, financial performance and life cycle, and providing a wide assortment of managerial reporting functions.

The system manages asset details and enables storage of detailed information about infrastructures and equipments, with their components, than many other programs. The system also tracks equipment (asset) movement between companies and cost centers, lease and rental information, supplier and maintenance data, user data and provides a full audit trail that tracks all changes to equipments.

The system allows user-defined fields and the ability to create templates for varying asset types that show different data information fields for the different types. The system includes strong security features that enable client- or user-level access privileges.

The program allows multiple depreciation sets, one for tax for instance, and gives users the ability to create an unlimited number of additional sets. The system automatically computes depreciation amounts, enabling tracking and projection of depreciation throughout the life of the asset.




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