Purchasing Information

If you whish to purchase our products or services, you may contact us through our email: sales@eruxelf.com.et


Eruxelf is committed to converting its research into products. It has already released Eruxelf Amatets – an Amharic speech synthesis program into a successful commercial product. Amamorph – an Amharic morphological analysis program is also available for researchers and language technology developers.
The following list is some of the applications you can expect to be available soon.

    • Amharic Spell Checking and Correction
      • Spell checkers against all allowable words
      • Context sensitive spelling checking
      • Correction by similarity measures
    • Advanced Amharic Searching
      • Exact match search
      • Whole word match search
      • Search by all or certain morphologic form matches
      • Search by word type match
      • Search by relevance
    • Advanced Amharic Sorting, Counting and Indexing
      • Exact match
      • Sorting, counting and indexing by morphological forms
      • Word type sorting, counting and indexing
    • Automatic Amharic to English Translator
      • Word to word translation
      • Context sensitive translation
    • Amharic Automatic Speech Recognition
      • Dictation Systems
      • Minute takers
      • Task oriented systems
        • Commands
        • Banking systems
        • Telephony Applications
    • Amharic Automatic Speech Synthesizer
      • Narrators
      • Applications for the visually impaired
      • Response systems
    • Amharic Dialog Systems
    • Amharic optical character recognition (OCR) software
      • Digitization applications
    • Amharic Speech to Sign Language Translator
    • Amharic Technology application integration
      • Office applications
      • Operating Systems
      • Mobile phones
      • GIS application



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