Purchasing Information

If you whish to purchase our products or services, you may contact us through our email: sales@eruxelf.com.et

Eruxelf Amatets is the Amharic Speech Synthesis program specifically designed for visually impaired Amharic speakers.
With Eruxelf Amatets the visually impaired can independently create and access Amharic documents.
Eruxelf Amatets allows you to access and retrieve the information content of an Amharic document by reading out the text.
Eruxelf Amatets helps you create Amharic documents by echoing the Amharic and English characters as you type
Eruxelf’s Laundry Management System is about giving and maintaining quality service of laundry establishments for their customer by minimizing time wastage, providing accurate information considering the local language and calendar differences with the rest of the world. The system includes: Customer handling, Employee payroll and shift management, POS, and resource and task scheduling.



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