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Eruxelf Amatets is an Amharic Speech Synthesis program. With Eruxelf Amatets (writer mode) you can create Amharic documents. Eruxelf helps you by echoing the Amharic and English characters as you type. In addition, Eruxelf Amatets can read out a saved Amharic file (reader mode).

Eruxelf Amatets (reader mode) is developed based on the Festival Speech Synthesis System. It uses the ked voice available in Festival to read out Amharic documents. In this version, Eruxelf Amatets takes the utterances of an English speaking person and tries to find a mapping for the corresponding Amharic utterances. In this manner the sounds (phones) are reassembled to imitate an Amharic utterance. Future versions are expected to use native speaker's voice to generate the Amharic utterances.

Eruxelf Amatets runs on Windows using the Cygwin Linux Emulator program. Both Festival and Cygwin are open source systems.

Eruxelf Amatets is not a screen reading program. It is a program designed to help the visually impaired read and create Amharic documents. It should be operated in conjunction with screen reading programs like JAWS. Unfortunately, no Amharic screen readers are available at this time.

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